Some updates from the RareNoiseRecords camp

In recent times we have been rather quiet, as we work behind the curtains to implement the new RareNoiseRecords website. 6 months and many lines of code later… here is a preview. We intend to go live whithin the next ten days.

Releases In And Outside The (Sound)Cloud

Dear Friends, as noted by some of you we have been rather coy in our comunications during the last two months. Fret not, much is happening just below the surface… The development of version 2.0 of our website is ongoing, and will last until the end of February. New front page, new bespoke artist’s pages,… Continue reading Releases In And Outside The (Sound)Cloud

News On The Horizon

Dearest Friends, We will very soon be announcing a raft of very important news – these will include Profound changes to the website and its architecture, as we try to respond to the comments/criticisms of our friends Introduction of a new blog, covering all matters RareNoiseRecords, but extending from there, with the aim of it… Continue reading News On The Horizon