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June 15th, 2009

An Update on the Karyn Crisis project

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As you will have probably realised, the Karyn Crisis project has been off the radar after a very intense first months of work.

Eraldo Bernocchi decided to focus his attention on different projects, whilst Karyn and Davide Tiso moved back to the US, to San Francisco. They are currently working hard on the project – stay tuned for news from

November 13th, 2008


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Crisis have been one of the most influential acts of the extreme metal scene, and Karin’s voice was something unique and never heard at that time, and still is, after 4 studio albums.
After the split of Crisis, Karyn moved away from the music business and dedicated herself to different forms of art, visual and painting, and to Reiki and Shamanism.

“At the beginning of 2006 I embarked on a Vision Quest. My goals: to get as far away from the music business as possible, and to delve as deeply as possible into myself to find out what I’m really made of all on my own.” says Karyn “There, I found and embraced my shaman within. In doing so, music took me by the hand and brought me, full circle, to where I stood as I joined Crisis in 1993: on the threshold of using my voice as a means of empowerment.
This is why I’m beginning my solo carrer now: it’s part of my journey, it’s part of my purpose, and… it’s my time.”

The album will be recorded at the beginning of 2009 in Italy and will be producerd by Eraldo Bernocchi for RareNoise Ltd.
Bernocchi is an eclectic producer who started his career in the mid 80’s with industrial extreme act Sigillum S and moved to different musical directions working with artists like Bill Laswell, Mick Harris (Scorn), Thomas Fehlmann (The Orb), Zu, Nils Petter Molaver, Toshinori Kondo and many others in more than 100 records.

Davide Tiso, guitar player of extreme metal act Ephel Duath, will be part of the production team.

“I’ve always been a huge Crisis fan, sine 1994,” says Eraldo Bernocchi, “and having finally the chance to produce Karyn solo debut is a fantastic opportunity to explore new territories as well pushing the boundaries of music and sound to the limit. She started it all for women in metal and now she’s very likely going to detonate again melting her shamanic experiences together with music. Davide Tiso was a natural choice, his writing skills ranging from extreme metal to more experimental visions are perfect for a project like this”


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