Alan Douglas (by John Masouri)

Dear Friends, as part of our irregular article series by prestigious external collaborators collaborators/contributors, we present you today with an article by the great John Masouri, who wanted to share some thoughts with us about the great Alan Douglas Alan Douglas (by John Masouri) Alan Douglas is one of our last, great musical visionaries. He’s… Continue reading Alan Douglas (by John Masouri)

Press Reactions to Meditronica

Read some of the very excellent comments from the Press: “a masterpiece of serious dub’n’space action” ….. Pathaan [BBC/Worldwide] Meditronica use the reggae genre as a springboard only, and the tradition they represent has its roots in not just reggae, but also jazz, industrial noise, world music and a myriad of other sources besides, including… Continue reading Press Reactions to Meditronica