Strength And Power



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Recorded live in Jamie Saft‘s home studio near Woodstock, New York, this intergenerational offering features the 44-year-old pianist Saft, 47-year-old bassist Trevor Dunn, 32-year-old Hungarian drummer Balázs Pándi and 80-year-old avant garde pioneer Roswell Rudd blending organically, telepathically on a set of conversational music running the gamut of dynamics and emotions.

All the music was completely improvised in the studio. No predetermined compositions at all. No hand signals, no charts: nothing but trust, deepest intuition, and mutual respect. (Jamie Saft)

The really important thing, especially with collective improvisation, is that you’re playing off of each other. So the music comes as a result of listening to each other and your response to the other players. I really found myself delving deeply on this occasion because the other musicians were not only putting it out there but they were also responding in depth. When you’re lucky enough to be in the company of very proficient musicians who not only can play but also can listen deeply, this is what I think I love more than anything else in the performance of music.” (Roswell Rudd)

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