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With each successive outing — first 2011’s Anthem followed by their raucous RareNoise Records debut, 2013’s InterStatic — the potent Norway-based trio of expatriate Brit organist Roy Powell, Norwegian guitarist Jacob Young and Norwegian drummer Jarle Vespestad has upped the ante on intensity and audaciousness while arriving at a nexus where rock organically meets jazz. Now the powerhouse unit has reached a new level with 2014’s superb Arise.

Arise is an album of many influences – it shifts nimbly from rock-blues anthems like Doozy Mugwump Blues and Alexa to intricate numbers like Caerbannog (named after the cave protected by the killer rabbit in the absurdly comedic 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail) to the swinging Alpha Dog

Powell’s Frank’ll Fix It, (which you can listen to on the player on the left) full of challenging stop-time phrases, is dedicated to one of his major influences, Frank Zappa, while the dynamic Wonderfall carries the influence of the pioneering fusion band Lifetime featuring UK guitar hero John McLaughlin and Newark, New Jersey-based organist Larry Young

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