Jo Berger Myhre presents the video for ‘Everything Effacing’ (from ‘UNHEIMLICH MANOEUVRE)

Jo Berger Myhre, whose Unheimlich Manoeuvre is scheduled for release from September 24th has worked closely with photographer and film director Jenny Berger Myhre to produce several live takes of songs from the album. Here is Everything Effacing Jo Berger Myhre : Everything Effacing (from the forthcoming ‘Unheimlich Manoeuvre’) Music by Jo Berger Myhre Performed… Continue reading Jo Berger Myhre presents the video for ‘Everything Effacing’ (from ‘UNHEIMLICH MANOEUVRE)

A JÜ primer

Each member of JÜ (guitarist Adam Meszaros, bassist Ernö Hock and drummer Andras Halmos) is an accomplished player on the Budapest scene. Beside dozens of Hungarian groups, the members have played with such internationally acclaimed musicians as John Zorn, Eugene Chadbourne, Charles Gayle, Chris Potter, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Pamelia Kurstin and Mikolaj Trzaska. As developing musicians in Budapest, they came under… Continue reading A JÜ primer

Jo Berger Myhre presents his solo album Unheimlich Manoeuvre

Pre-Order it now! “Unheimlich suggests the intuition that something is rather out of place, on the verge of going wrong even. Familiar but unrelatable, or the other way around! This is the feeling I wanted to channel with this music … Chiaroscuro” Jo Berger Myhre Jo Berger Myhre Photo © Jenny Berger Myhre Aviary (Official Video)(Directed by Jenny Berger Myhre) Norwegian… Continue reading Jo Berger Myhre presents his solo album Unheimlich Manoeuvre

JÜ present their new album III

Pre-Order it now! “This band has always been about our interests in mainly non-Western musical traditions that can give a different approach to the way we sense melody or rhythm, harmony or time.” Ádám Mészáros Jü w. Dóra Győrfi(left to right: Ernő Hock, András Halmos, Ádám Mészáros, Dóra Győrfi)Photo © Gergely Ofner The making of… Continue reading JÜ present their new album III

New Official video for ‘Der Aufbruch / Losgelöst’ by Daniel Hartlaub

J. Peter Schwalm and Markus Reuter, whose Aufbruch has just been released, present the official video for the track medley “Der Aufbruch / Losgelöst” created by animator/designer/filmmaker Daniel Hartlaub. Daniel Hartlaub is a German artist based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach, Germany and at St Martin’s College of Art and… Continue reading New Official video for ‘Der Aufbruch / Losgelöst’ by Daniel Hartlaub

Aufbruch is out!

Aufbruch, the new collaboration between sound-architect J. Peter Schwalm and sound-painter Markus Reuter, with the participation of the mesmerising Sophie Tassignon has now officially been released in multiple formats, and is available from multiple outlets worldwide. Release Date: July 16th, 2021 J. Peter Schwalm: Synths, Pianos, live treatments, electronic percussion and programmingMarkus Reuter: Touch Guitars® AU8 and… Continue reading Aufbruch is out!

Three-Layer Cake present ‘Primary Fuel’ (Official Video)

Three-Layer Cake (Mike Pride, Brandon Seabrook and Mike Watt) present the latest Official video from their recently released Stove Top : Primary Fuel, directed by Miss Hiyori (Hiyori Minato). Hiyori Minato is a lifelong supporter of Mike Watt‘s many projects as well as hosting a monthly Radio Show for Rockcity Hamburg e.v. and playing on… Continue reading Three-Layer Cake present ‘Primary Fuel’ (Official Video)

HUMANBEING presents ‘Blood’ (Official Video)

Blood bears the signature of Federico Brugia and Alberto Mantini. The first is an international commercial director, who has signed global campaigns for brands such as Alitalia, Maserati, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrero and many others. Alberto Mantini is a digital artist and VFX supervisor who shares a long professional partnership with Brugia.  The video clip, nocturnal and hypnotic,… Continue reading HUMANBEING presents ‘Blood’ (Official Video)

HUMANBEING is out today!

“HUMANBEING is a very personal project. Paradoxically, it’s so personal that I needed to assume it as a new identity, a virgin one separate from the name I’ve made for myself.” Rossano Baldini Liver (Official video Filmshoot short cuts)Director : Federico Brugia Under his own name, Rossano Baldini has enjoyed a career as a renowned composer for film and television;… Continue reading HUMANBEING is out today!