Animation Live at Barcelona Jazz Festival – tonight from 830 pm

BOB BELDEN & ANIMATION MESTRES – Rare Noise Night COMPRAR ENTRADA (TheProject) FECHA Lunes, 26 de noviembre LUGAR Conservatori del Liceu, 20.30 h. PRECIO 20 € Ant. / 25 € Taq. VÍDEO Señor Bob Belden: usted, ay, no forma parte exactamente del mainstream jazzístico. Díganos unas frases que hagan que el público pueda interesarse por… Continue reading Animation Live at Barcelona Jazz Festival – tonight from 830 pm

Paul Resnikoff puts the nail in the coffin

Our Digital Innocence Just Died. And David Lowery Killed It… I spent an entire afternoon reading and re-reading the storm of articles, comments, analyses and emails related to one impassioned and eloquent retort.  The New York Times, NPR, Los Angeles Times, Techdirt, Hypebot, Lefsetz, the Huffington Post.  Thousands of words, hundreds of comments, dozens of emails,… Continue reading Paul Resnikoff puts the nail in the coffin

Bob Belden MasterClass at Manhattan School of Music

Dear Friends, I’ve been given a rare opportunity to present this strange idea to unsuspecting students at the Manhattan School of Music. As punishment for some unknown offense, the master class is scheduled for 9am on Tuesday, March 27 2012 at 9am….. Its open to the public. just email me I will put you ‘on… Continue reading Bob Belden MasterClass at Manhattan School of Music

A Message From The Past

Dear Friends, two years ago I sent the following message to Steve Jobs. I got no response and would like to share it with you. ************************* Hello Mr. Jobs, This is a file that allows Mac users to bypass DVD players and DVD discs (carbon positive) by making iTunes perform the same functions, as well… Continue reading A Message From The Past

Ode To Technical Reproducibility

Dear Friends, I came upon this fascinating article, by Frederic Rzewski, straight and pari-passu from The Opinion Pages of the NYT. I simply could not hold back, as it deals with one of my greatest intellectual concerns, the interplay of music and technology (and society for that matter) – I simply have to share it… Continue reading Ode To Technical Reproducibility

Bob Belden is Back on Tracks

From JazzTimes (09/12/11) By Bill Milkowski At his lowest point, Grammy Award-winning producer-arranger-composer Bob Belden was too weak to get out of bed. His personal nightmare was compounded by the fact that two clients either delayed or reneged altogether on payments of $32,000 for work he had done. Faced with a bad cash flow problem,… Continue reading Bob Belden is Back on Tracks

Alan Douglas (by John Masouri)

Dear Friends, as part of our irregular article series by prestigious external collaborators collaborators/contributors, we present you today with an article by the great John Masouri, who wanted to share some thoughts with us about the great Alan Douglas Alan Douglas (by John Masouri) Alan Douglas is one of our last, great musical visionaries. He’s… Continue reading Alan Douglas (by John Masouri)

Animation: On The Edge Of Forever

Manhattan is the Edge of Forever. Live here and you are always on the edge, one day away from your destiny, fate, obligation or demise. I have lived in Manhattan for 28 years. On the edge for 28 years. DJ Logic grew up in the South Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop, party DJs, break… Continue reading Animation: On The Edge Of Forever

No Pain No Gain

Dear Friends, I would like to share some insights on the current situation in the Music Recording Industry with you, garnered from Business Insider. The article makes for very grim reading, yet the analysis offered does provide some useful insights. Please go ahead and feast on the gore Cheers! Nemo