Jo Berger Myhre presents the video for ‘Everything Effacing’ (from ‘UNHEIMLICH MANOEUVRE)

© Jenny Berger Myhre

Jo Berger Myhre, whose Unheimlich Manoeuvre is scheduled for release from September 24th has worked closely with photographer and film director Jenny Berger Myhre to produce several live takes of songs from the album.

Here is Everything Effacing

Jo Berger Myhre : Everything Effacing (from the forthcoming ‘Unheimlich Manoeuvre’)

Music by Jo Berger Myhre

Performed by Jo Berger Myhre

Recorded by Espen Høydalskvik

Filmed by Jenny Berger Myhre at the Old Jøtul Factory in Oslo (Thanks to Atelier Oblivion)

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