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July 28th, 2013

Sid Smith – Gezmataz report Part 4 – The Journey Home


Goodbye Genoa

The view from the office this morning…

In the breakfast bar with Lorenzo Feliciatti. We shared a couple of breakfast natters in New York when I was out there last year with Lorenzo’s other band, Naked Truth, and it’s always entertaining and informative talking to him in these early morning settings. Topics up for discussion this morning included our mutual admiration for the movie Il Divo, the British Royal family, Berlusconi and Italian germs. We also found time to discuss music as well. We said our goodbyes and hope to be able to meet up again later in the year when Lorenzo is in the UK for a forthcoming project with Colin Edwin.

While in the lobby of the hotel the muzak system played  Sailor’s Tale – the live version from Earthbound no less. Other proggy-orientated music in the breakfast bar included non-single stuff from Peter Gabriel. Weird but welcome.

Cabbing to the airport, Lee and I enjoyed a good natter about the state of things in music and life, which carried on for the flight from Genoa to Stansted…

Saying our farewells Lee headed off to the train into Central London while I caught up with some sobering family developments which I knew were taking place while I was away. My legs were by now like balloons from the mosquito bites which had upgraded from irritated to infected.

The view from office en route to Peterborough…

My connection to Newcastle comes in exactly on time…

The view from the office…

Working on my notes from Genoa with a complimentary and restorative snifter…

Picture postcard Durham…

Crossing the Tyne…

By now walking of any kind was incredibly painful. Thankfully Lesley and Debbie met me at Central Station, put me over their shoulder and bundled me into the waiting car to whisk me back to the Bay.

July 28th, 2013

Sid Smith – Gezmataz report Part 3 – RareNoise Night


Mole’ Trio And Beserk! In Genoa


After walking about the town for a couple of hours, I returned to the hotel room to catch up on email and do some prep for the evening gig. I got there after the set-up but in time for sound check…





…and then a lovely meal at the side of the venue where I’d been the night before. No mosquitoes this time!


The organisers weren’t sure about ticket sales telling me that these shows didn’t depend on advance sales but rather walk-ins. Thankfully the walk-ins started doing just that as show time approached. At least 99.9% of those coming in would have had no idea what either band sounded like but were there for an evening of speculative entertainment.

Mole’ were superb and greatly appreciated by a very respectable 300 good folks of Genoa (adoptive or resident). Beserk!’s more acerbic sounds had a more emetic effect on the more conservative and elderly attendees.

I watched from the hinterlands of the hall, that dead-zone place where bored spouses feel unbowed by the conventions of listening to the music or going through the motions of listening. Instead they irritatedly tap  at mobile phones with all the fury of a spurned lover engaged in a last-ditch blow out of revenge-based consumerism.

Beserk! were quite simply astonishing. Their sound is so far-reaching it’s nearly impossible to describe what they without deploying generic names about the place like so much confetti. If this picture reminds you of something alien landing from outer space then that’s probably as good a methaphor for what Beserk! are about. I mention to PR Lee that they really should be marketed as a rock band.

Take a listen here and see what you think

July 28th, 2013

Sid Smith – Gezmataz report Part 2


A Walk In Genoa

After a lovely breakfast shared with Lorenzo Feliciati, I had a couple of hours to kill so I headed out to catch what I could of Genoa. The temperature even early in the morning was somewhere in the late 20s / early 30s.

The start in sight…

The end in sight…

July 28th, 2013

Sid Smith – Gezmataz report Part 1


Arriving In Genoa

Leaving the hotel…

I met up with Lee Haynes who handles PR for Rarenoise Records who were sponsoring a night at the Genoa Jazz Festival. I’d been asked if I’d like to review the event for a couple of publications. Obviously it took me about a nanosecond to say yes.

Into Stansted…

Onto a full flight…

Arriving in Genoa…

Lee and I cabbed it from the tiny airport to our hotel on the harbour in 15 minutes. After settling in we went for a walkabout…

The view of the rehearsal rooms…


The view from the rehearsal rooms…

The view inside the rehearsal rooms…

 Fabrizio Puglisi, Lorenzo Fornasari
Eivind Aarset,
Gianluca Petrella, Lorenzo Feliciati, Cristiano Calcagnile
 Rare Noise Record’s eminence grise, Giacomo Bruzzo
Later in the evening we ate in a restaurant next to the harbour and next to the venue where the Steve Swallow quintet (including Carla Bley) were playing. Unfortunately for us a dance venue on the otherside decided to get some um-cha um-cha beats going which, when the breeze changed direction, intruded on the rather splendid Swallow set.  You wouldn’t think something that looked so nice could be so pernicious…

July 5th, 2013

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