Our Nov 28th 2011 : Agemo by Animation

Dear Friends,

November 28th 2011 will see the release of the second recording on RareNoiseRecords by Animation, Bob Belden‘s futurebound jazz-drum’n bass-electronica  vehicle – AGEMO (click to listen to free streams).

The term “Agemo” refers to a deity within the pantheon of gods of the West African spiritual practice Santeria (Vodun) which embodies the characteristic of “Change” and “Transformation” and is often represented as a CHAMALEON. Agemo is therefore a Hymn To Transformation, as seen through the lenses of technology and creativity.

(For the more mathematically perverse among you “Agemo” also refers to a subgroup of the class of p-groups – all puns intended)

Asiento was an interpretation of Miles Davis’ seminal work, Bitches Brew. Agemo takes Asiento and “folds” it onto itself . A Dream within a Dream. 

Miles Davis => Animation | Asiento => Animation | Agemo => Selim Sivad

Disc 1 of Agemo, focusing on the emotional impact of change through technology, is a 3D60 mix of the Animation’s previous release, Asiento (RNR017), which saw Bob Belden’s seminal Jazz+drum’n bass band interpret Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. This exclusive and innovative mixing process (already witnessed on The Orb + David Gilmour’s “Metallic Spheres”), devised and honed by Mike Brady, Ian Thompson and Youth (www.3d60.co.uk), focuses on both increasing the dynamic range (20db!) of the music and providing a 3-dimensional HEADPHONE listening experience, the likes of which most users will never have had experience before. Disc 1 of Agemo will also shortly be available from our store (www.rarenoisestore.com) and selected others as 24bit/96Khz FLAC digital for Audiophiles.

Listen to the 3D60 Version of “John McLaughlin”  – PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON!

Disc 2 of Agemo, focusing on the emotional impact of change through creativity is a Remix of the original Asiento.










The original six tracks, “Pharaoh’s Dance”, “Bitches Brew”, “John McLaughlin”, “Miles Runs The Voodoo Down”, “Spanish Key” and “Sanctuary” are taken on by absolute masters of their craft, in order Bill Laswell, DJ Logic, Youth (producer of The Verve and Paul McCartney), Gaudi, Fanu and Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, as they reconstruct and reinterpret the original material to extract the essence of what Bitches Brew means to them – spacing from Dub to Funk to Breakbeats to Dancefloor and r’n’b.

Listen to DJ Logic’s Remix of “Bitches Brew”

Listen to Youth’s Remix of “John McLaughlin”

Listen to Fanu’s Remix of “Spanish Key”




AGEMO will be available from November 28th from the RareNoiseStore (www.rarenoisestore.com) for worldwide shipping as DOUBLE CD SOFTPACK, and digital as .flac/.mp3 Disc 1 of AGEMO will also shortly be available from our store (www.rarenoisestore.com) and selected others as 24bit/96Khz FLAC digital for Audiophiles.


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