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November 30th, 2011

RareNoiseRecords : A Myopic Retrospective (part 1)


Dear Friends,


Given we focused so much time writing about current releases  (see Winter Garden Release, Agemo Release and Ghost Dance Release), we thought we should take the opportunity to cast a critical and when possible insightful glance on our admittedly recent past, and on the releases that have helped us define it.


The first release by RareNoiseRecords in May 2009 was the beautiful Meditronica. Italian musicians Ashtech and Paolo Polcari were the minds behind this release walking the tightrope between dub, electronica and lounge, taking a leaf from both Italian dub/reggae/trip hop outfit Almamegretta (of which they were both members) and Massive Attack (With whom Almamegretta played on a number of occasions and whose track Karmacoma Almamegretta had remixed as “The Napoli Trip Mix“). In this venture they were accompanied by Eraldo Bernocchi on guitar, Dub Gabriel on further beats and the voice of Raiz (former lead singer of Almamegretta) who added his haunting voice to “Dame Paz” (sung in spanish) and “Ki Eshmera Shabbat” sung in hebrew. Gaudi’s wife Poppy Kinloch lent her vocals to “The Third Planet”.

The artwork of Meditronica was created by renowned Italian visual artist and artwork designer Petulia Mattioli starting from a photographic work of the late D.RaD, central member of Almamegretta whose life was prematurely cut short. We are thankful to the family of D.RaD for making this possible. The whole recording is dedicated to his memory.


The twin brother to Meditronica, Meditronica Remix was released about one year later. It features remixes of  5 tracks from the original (Mediterranean Electronics, Dame Paz, Andromeda, Third Planet, Ki Eshmera Shabbat) masterfully rendered by masters of the genre as Cardopusher, Raz Mesinai (Badawi), Scorn, Dub Gabriel and Gaudi himself – whose remit was to extract the seams of dub, mediterranean and electronica present in every track and push it to the very limits. Nowhere is this more apparent that in “Andromeda Remix” transformed by Scorn into an incredibly dark, brutal and monolithic wall, eons away from the delicate, airy composition lying at its roots. The artwork again was created by Petulia Mattioli, starting here too from a photograph of the late D.RaD. We are thankful to the family of D.RaD for making this possible.

You can get your copy of Meditronica and Meditronica Remix in physical (CD Digipack) and digital formats from our Store (and needless to say in all good shops around the physical and virtual worlds).


Hot on the heels of Meditronica came Rooms EP (late summer 2009), the first EP by a wonderful post-rock/prog-rock band from Naples, The Mantra Above The Spotless Melt Moon (Adriana Salomone on voice/guitar, Davide Famularo on bass/synth, Maurizio Oliviero on guitars and Salvio Sibillo on drums) Where did we find them? On MySpace of course…Rooms collected tracks from their post-rock roots (such as The Fog, whose wonderful video was directed by the young and great romanian animator Anton Octavian who would go on to create two more videos for the band), a collaboration with Eugene Robinson and a track that anticipated their full length 2010 release, Defeated Songs (Rooms). The artwork was a creation of portuguese Helder Pedro Moreira whose intense and dreamy landscapes would also grace Defeated Songs in 2010.

You can get your copy of Rooms EP in physical (CD Digipack) and digital formats from our Store (and needless to say in all good shops around the physical and virtual worlds).


The summer of 2009 saw the release of a much agonised and prepared CD+DVD release – “Nihon” by Method Of Defiance. All started in Paris, Anno 2008 – a meeting with legendary producer and bass player Bill Laswell resulted in us being handed the masters of two recordings, Nihon and Torn From Black Space by Death Cube K (more on it later) for future release. We went digging, and discovered that the live performance Nihon (Live at the UNIT in Tokyo early August 2007) with Bernie Worrell on keyboards, Toshinori Kondo on trumpet, Guy Licata on drums, Dr Israel on console/voice and Bill Laswell on bass had been filmed despite assurances that it would not … So we asked for the video, and low and behold got it … after much editing with Rory Cantwell a wonderfully avant-retro DVD video was engendered … Method Of Defiance.

The only way you can lay your hands on the original DVD is to buy Nihon in physical (CD + DVD double Digipack) from our Store (and needless to say in all good shops around the physical world).

An answer to all those who asked: “Will RareNoiseRecords ever release the Montreux 2009 Performance of Method of Defiance?” The answer is unfortunately no, for the foreseeable future (that which we cannot foresee we cannot talk about without generating kantian antinomies).


The next cat from the 2009 bag was Torn From Black Space by none other than Death Cube K (an anagram of Buckethead for ambient-oriented releases). Once endowed with a quasi-mythical status and mistaken for other releases of DCK this was the Real Thing. The It. The Missing Darkness. The Dark Quan. Die Sache aller Sachen. Enough said, other than to note that it features Bill Laswell and DJ Submerged producing some of the most goosebump-inducing music we ever listened to. Jeffrey Dahmer’s dreams were more pleaseant, for sure.

We personally use it to force plants to grow without water and truly love it to bits.



See you all next episode …



November 16th, 2011

Metallic Taste of Blood

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Metallic Taste of Blood.

I am pleased to say that first fruits of a new collaboration under the name Metallic Taste of Blood, is nearing completion.

Mixing is well underway and, although things may of course change, the plan is that our album will be released in early 2012 on Rarenoise records.

Rarenoise have a great collection of releases, you can check a selection here:

Anyway, the Metallic Taste of Blood line up is:

Yours truly on bass of course.....


Eraldo Bernocchi on guitars and sounds.

Balazs Pandi on drums.

Jamie Saft on piano, keyboards and synths.

For anyone unfamilar, I'll tell you a bit about my co-conspiritors:

Eraldo Bernocchi has been making music with, among many others,  Sigillum S, Charged, Mick Harris, Bill Laswell, Thomas Fehlmann, and has just released a very fine album, Winter Garden, in collaboration with Harold Budd and (former Cocteau Twin) Robin Guthrie.

Balazs Pandi, also drums with Merzbow, Venetian Snares, Wormskull and, a recent favourite album of mine, Blood of Heroes.

Jamie Saft (John Zorn, Bobby Previte) has provided Metallic Taste of Blood with keyboard and piano performances of an intensity and originality far beyond anything I expected, in fact I think he's knocked us all out with what he's come up with.

Inevitably, we will be asked to describe our music.....but, I never really enjoy describing something I am so very involved in, so I will save that for another day....

Anyway, just for now, I would like to invite you, Dear Reader, to bookmark, and come and sign up for our mailing-list (we promise not to spam you) that in the relatively near future we might be able to direct to you some further information (the website will grow as time goes on....), eventually some music of course and whatever else we might think up in the future.......

All the Best,


November 8th, 2011

A Message From The Past


Dear Friends,

two years ago I sent the following message to Steve Jobs. I got no response and would like to share it with you.


Hello Mr. Jobs,

This is a file that allows Mac users to bypass DVD players and DVD discs (carbon positive) by
making iTunes perform the same functions, as well as uncompressed 5.1/7.1 HD Audio.

(Desktop Surround)

I’m a jazz musician/producer in Manhattan. Your age. I have produced hundreds of CDs in most
formats as well as 5.1 SACD discs. My last CD, “Miles From India”, was nominated for a Grammy
in 2009.

Have yet to meet anyone who can watch “Saving Private Ryan” in 5.1 from iTunes. Except me.



November 1st, 2011

Out Nov 28th 2011 : Winter Garden by Bernocchi, Budd and Guthrie

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Dear Friends

Nov 28th will also see the release of the long awaited “Winter Garden” by Eraldo Bernocchi, Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie on RareNoiseRecords

Winter Garden is the first “simultaneous” collaboration between renowned Italian musician and producer Eraldo Bernocchi, ambient pianist and musical icon Harold Budd and producer/guitarist Robin Guthrie, founder of Cocteau Twins and Violet Indiana.


We  say “simultaneous”, for Eraldo Bernocchi had previously produced, arranged and played on “Fragments From The Inside” (released by SubRosa) with Harold Budd, while the collaboration between Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie started in the 80s (Lovely Thunder, The Moon and The Melodies, The White Arcades) and became a quasi-partnership since 2005 (see for example the soundtrack for the film Mysterious Skin by Araki, the dyptich “Before The Night Falls/After The Day Breaks” and more recently “Bordeaux”, all released on Darla Records).

Listen to “Entangled”


Recorded in Tuscany in 2010, produced in Tuscany and in the south of France in 2011, Winter Garden aligns itself with the aforementioned recent releases by Budd and Guthrie, awash with Budd’s minimal piano and Guthrie’s guitar drones, only to differentiate itself through a more marked yet very elegant use of electronics by Eraldo Bernocchi and being punctuated by a soft, minimal bass pulse.

Listen to “Stay With Me” and focus on all music after 3:30





WINTER GARDEN will be available from November 28th from the RareNoiseStore ( for worldwide shipping as CD DIGIPACK only

Downloads will be handled by Soleil Apres Minuit (and their digital aggregators) who will carry some of the RareNoiseRecords physical stock


UK/EU distributor : CargoRecords (please contact for stock enquiries in UK and EUROPE)

US distributor : Darla Records (please contact for stock enquiries in US).

If you wish to stock for JAPAN,  and are a distributor contact or

To get Stock of WINTER GARDEN in Europe contact

To get Stock in the US contact





November 1st, 2011

Our Nov 28th 2011 : Agemo by Animation

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Dear Friends,

November 28th 2011 will see the release of the second recording on RareNoiseRecords by Animation, Bob Belden‘s futurebound jazz-drum’n bass-electronica  vehicle – AGEMO (click to listen to free streams).

The term “Agemo” refers to a deity within the pantheon of gods of the West African spiritual practice Santeria (Vodun) which embodies the characteristic of “Change” and “Transformation” and is often represented as a CHAMALEON. Agemo is therefore a Hymn To Transformation, as seen through the lenses of technology and creativity.

(For the more mathematically perverse among you “Agemo” also refers to a subgroup of the class of p-groups – all puns intended)

Asiento was an interpretation of Miles Davis’ seminal work, Bitches Brew. Agemo takes Asiento and “folds” it onto itself . A Dream within a Dream. 

Miles Davis => Animation | Asiento => Animation | Agemo => Selim Sivad

Disc 1 of Agemo, focusing on the emotional impact of change through technology, is a 3D60 mix of the Animation’s previous release, Asiento (RNR017), which saw Bob Belden’s seminal Jazz+drum’n bass band interpret Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. This exclusive and innovative mixing process (already witnessed on The Orb + David Gilmour’s “Metallic Spheres”), devised and honed by Mike Brady, Ian Thompson and Youth (, focuses on both increasing the dynamic range (20db!) of the music and providing a 3-dimensional HEADPHONE listening experience, the likes of which most users will never have had experience before. Disc 1 of Agemo will also shortly be available from our store ( and selected others as 24bit/96Khz FLAC digital for Audiophiles.

Listen to the 3D60 Version of “John McLaughlin”  – PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON!

Disc 2 of Agemo, focusing on the emotional impact of change through creativity is a Remix of the original Asiento.










The original six tracks, “Pharaoh’s Dance”, “Bitches Brew”, “John McLaughlin”, “Miles Runs The Voodoo Down”, “Spanish Key” and “Sanctuary” are taken on by absolute masters of their craft, in order Bill Laswell, DJ Logic, Youth (producer of The Verve and Paul McCartney), Gaudi, Fanu and Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, as they reconstruct and reinterpret the original material to extract the essence of what Bitches Brew means to them – spacing from Dub to Funk to Breakbeats to Dancefloor and r’n’b.

Listen to DJ Logic’s Remix of “Bitches Brew”

Listen to Youth’s Remix of “John McLaughlin”

Listen to Fanu’s Remix of “Spanish Key”




AGEMO will be available from November 28th from the RareNoiseStore ( for worldwide shipping as DOUBLE CD SOFTPACK, and digital as .flac/.mp3 Disc 1 of AGEMO will also shortly be available from our store ( and selected others as 24bit/96Khz FLAC digital for Audiophiles.


UK/EU distributor : CargoRecords (please contact for stock enquiries in UK and EUROPE)

US distributor : Darla Records (please contact for stock enquiries in US)

DIGITAL: All Digital Stores (Itunes/Emusic/Napster/Spotify….) via IODA

If you wish to stock for JAPAN,  and are a distributor contact or



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