Animation | Asiento: 3D60 Version soon!

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you these excerpts from a recent press release by 3D60 studios:

NEW DIMESIONS IN SOUND We are very excited to be producing the Animation Asiento Bitches Brew tracks in 3D60™ sound for RareNoiseRecords.This landmark Concert event features a unique interpretation of the music, with stunning performances throughout from this talented band of superb musicians. The 3D60™ Process: 3D60™ is a new sound production process created to take you right into the music, specially designed  to deliver a fully immersive widescreen listening experience to your headphones. Listening in 3D60™ takes sound on from ordinary stereo into new dimensions of height and space; the three-dimensional 360 degree surround sound provides unlimited spatial audio with sounds coming from all around you; in front, behind, at different heights and even from overhead or below. 3D60™ is fully compatible with all audio playback formats. All you need to listen is any pair of stereo headphones. Developed by The Jam’s live sound engineer and music video director Mike Brady, musician and multimedia producer Ian Thompson and internationally renowned music producer Youth, 3D60™ sounds amazing on any headphones with any playback format. Check out more 3D60 tracks on our website, and the De Luxe 3D60 CD release of  ‘Metallic Spheres’ by The Orb featuring David Gilmour is available now on Sony Music.




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